Killer Queen League Season One


8 teams will compete in two matches each week.  Each week’s matches will be pre-determined with that goal of each team facing every other team 4 times throughout the league.  Each match will be a best of 5 rounds competition.  Rounds will alternate between day and night screens.  At the end of the 8 week regular season, a seeded double elimination tournament will be held.


Each team must consist of 5 members.  No player may be a part of another team.  If a player is unable to compete with his/her team on a given week, it is that team’s responsibility to replace the player or play short-handed.  Replacement players are allowed, but only from players not on another team in the league.

Game Play

Schedule for each week will be posted no later than 2pm the day of league play.  A representative of Up-Down will record scores for each week’s matches.  Ruling of this representative in any disputes is final.  Switching positions on a team between rounds is permitted.  The representative of Up-Down will have the final say regarding any glitches in the game if both teams do not agree on a resolution.  This could be replaying the particular round or letting the round count. If you want to try playing games where you can earn real money, you should explore golden pokies casino.

Entry Fees:

Entry fees for the league will be $50 per team.  This amount is due when signing up the team.  This is non-refundable once league play begins.


The final tournament will be double elimination with teams seeded based on overall numbers of wins/losses during the regular season.  In the event of a tie, a coin toss will be used to determine seeds.  Each round will be best of 5 matches until the Championship round which will be best of 7 matches.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams in the tournament.




This league is designed to be fun and entertaining.  Please behave appropriately and follow all rules laid out by Up-Down.  If your behavior would get you ejected from Up-Down during regular business hours, it will result in the same during the league.  Ejection from Up-Down may result in disqualification from the league.

Please be considerate of other patrons who are not in the league.  Gathering between the game and the bar blocks other patrons from making it across the room.  Try to be conscious of other guests coming in for the first time and be good ambassadors of Killer Queen.

The person running the league is a human being.  They have the potential to make mistakes and have feelings that get hurt when negativity is launched at them. Be nice to this person.  Being mean to this person could result in being kicked out of the league.

tl;dr Seriously, be cool.